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Line discrepancy's, spreads and money management.

Establishing a bankroll

Once you become a client at SMS we will help you establish a bankroll for the season. That bankroll is the start of a soon to be prosperous business relationship between you and us. Let's be hypothetical and say your bankroll is $1,00.00. I will treat your $1,000.00 like its MY OWN MONEY! I will make decisions on how much you bet based on the size of your bankroll and how good I believe the information is. I have developed a system which has beat the Vegas books and books all over the world for the past 20 years. We set our own line based on information and research that we derive from our sources and contacts backed by a multi million dollar budget we are in my opinion the best service in the country!


The Las Vegas Odds makers set the lines on all major sporting events. My organization sets a private that we compare to the Vegas line and create what we sharpies call a "spread". The spread is the difference between the Vegas line and the sharp number. The size of the "spread tells us how good our chances of winning are", the bigger the spread, statistically and historically the better chances we have of winning. The size of the spread is broken down a 1 to 30 point spread in which we chunk into 5 different levels. We advise our clients how much to play based on the spread and size of your bankroll.

Here is an example:

Joe Smith has a $1,000.00 bankroll

Level 1 picks
3 to 5 point line discrepancy = 5% bankroll play= $50.00

Level 2 picks
6 to 9 point discrepancy = 10% bankroll play= $100.00

Level 3 picks
10 to 14 point discrepancy = 25% bankroll plays= $250.0

Level 4 high roller club picks
15 to 20 point line discrepancy= 33% bankroll plays= $333.00

Level 5 high roller club picks.
20 point + line discrepancy = 50% bankroll plays =$500.00

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