What Is The Sharp Number?

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The Las Vegas Odds makers set the lines on all major sporting events. My organization sets a private that we compare to the Vegas line and create what we sharpies call a "spread".

The spread is the difference between the Vegas line and the sharp number. Our organization does our own extensive research and is privileged to information that in my opinion the Vegas odds makers just cant get. Therefore when there is a big spread it generally means that we know something that Vegas doesnt.

For example, the sharp number line for the Tampa bay Bucs vs Minnesota Viking game was the Bucs at -4 not the Vegas line of + Bucs 2.5 ( Bucs 24 Vikings 20).  Another example was the Texans vs Dolphins. The sharp number was the Texans -10, not the Vegas line of - 3 for Texans. Who's more accurate?( Texans 23 Dolphins 13)

The Sharp Number and Money Management

Don't be fooled by touts who claim to win 100% of the time. To be successful in sports gambling you need to manage your money. When the sharp number is set and a spread is made on a game our team of experts rank the information levels 1,2 and 3. The strongest level is level 3, which means the spread is the biggest it can be, so we have our clients bet their max bet.

Example: John Smith bets from $100 to $500 a game.
Level 1 bet = $24.95 ( 5 -10 point spread )
Level 2 bet = $49.95 ( 10 - 15 point spread )
Level 3 bet = $99.95 ( 15 + spread )

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